Forsyth City Hall

City Hall will be temporarily located in two locations.  The Welcome Center will house the Council Chambers, the Mayor and City Manager.  Utility Payments can be made at the Forsyth Police Department.

The City of Forsyth is governed by a City Manager form of local government. Six members serve on the City Council. They are all elected at-large, by Post and serve staggered four-year terms. The Mayor is elected via popular vote in an at-large  election and serves a four-year term.  There are no term limits for Mayor or City Council.

The City of Forsyth employs a full-time administrative staff under the supervision of the City Clerk. This office handles the administration and  financial management of the city, coordinates and implements the policy decisions of the City Council, and provides clerical support to board appointees  and elected officials.

Municipal Court is housed in the City Hall Annex and has the jurisdiction and authority to try misdemeanor offenses committed inside the city. The municipal court is presided over by the judge of the court who is appointed by the City Council. The court clerk is available to answer questions regarding citations and conducts the secretarial and financial aspects of the municipal court.

City Council meets the first and third Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in Alderman Hall at The Welcome Center, located at 68 N. Lee Street. If you would like to be on a council meeting agenda, please click here for more information.Forsyth City Hall

All businesses are required to have a business license. Licenses must be renewed by March 1st of each year to avoid a penalty fee. The State of Georgia honors any business license issued by any city/county in Georgia. If you relocate your business to Forsyth from another city in Georgia, you do not need a new Forsyth business license unless your current license has expired. Please make sure that you have a copy of your business license on file at your business location as periodic checks are made to ensure that all business owners are following local and state law. For your convenience, click here to download the business license application and here to download the application for home occupation. Please bring the form to The Welcome Center for final computation of your business license fee.