Public Utilities

The City of Forsyth’s Combined Utility Enterprise is pleased to be able to offer convenient and efficient utility service to the public. To establish or relocate utility service, please visit Forsyth City Hall. The City of Forsyth offers the following diverse portfolio of services:

   Electricity          Water and Sewer  

The City of Forsyth’s Electrical Department provides dependable, competitively priced electrical services to the citizens of the City of Forsyth and parts of Monroe County. As a member of “The Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG)” and “Electric Cities of Georgia”, we are mandated to continually improve our existing electrical system, provide additional services to our customers, and enhance the overall quality of life within our community.


Alvin Randall

Alvin Randall

Utilities Director

220 S. Kimbell Street
Forsyth, GA 31029