Bids & Solicitations

Forsyth Country Club Park
Fri, Aug 18 2023

The construction of the Forsyth Country Club Park including +/- 8,600 SY of 8 inch Graded Aggregate Base, Roadway grading, +/- 1,501 SY of 4” 3,000 PSI concrete, +/- 950 TNS of 9.5mm Superpave asphalt, amphitheater, basketball court, pickleball court, removal and relocation and installation of skate park equipment, +/- 343 LF of 18” RCP storm drain piping, +/- 300 LF of 24” RCP storm drain piping, detention pond, OCS, striping, grassing and other erosion control measures as shown on the plans as all necessary items to properly construct the park.

Advertisement for bids
Thu, Apr 28 2022

The City of Forsyth is accepting bids for the Adams Street storm drainage improvements.

Request for Proposal- Playground equipment removal and installation, safety covering, benches, bleachers, and shade coverings for country club & kynette parks
Wed, Mar 16 2022
Request for proposals for Adams Street Storm Drainage Improvements
Tue, Jan 25 2022

The City of Forsyth is accepting bids for the Adams Street Storm Drainage Improvements.

Request for proposals for the City of Forsyth, Georgia golf course renovations
Thu, Feb 11 2021

The City Council of the City of Forsyth wishes to procure the services of qualified individuals, firms, or groups of firms for professional services to renovate the Forsyth Golf Course, including the rehabilitation of tee boxes and bunkers.