City Manager's Office

City Manager Mims

The City Manager of Forsyth plays a pivotal role in the efficient and effective operation of our city. Appointed by the City Council, the City Manager serves as the chief executive officer with duties encompassing a wide range of responsibilities critical to the smooth functioning of the city. The City Manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day administration of the city, implementing policies established by the Mayor and City Council, and managing the city's budget and finances. Working closely with department heads to ensure that city services, such as public safety, public works, and community development are delivered to residents at the highest possible standards is key. Additionally, the City Manager represents the city in various capacities, including negotiating contracts, liaising with other government entities, and addressing community concerns.

Possessing qualifications such as strong leadership capacity and strategic vision are essential in shaping the future of Forsyth and ensuring its continued growth and prosperity. The City Manager and the senior team members must possess these qualities in order to achieve desired goals and outcomes.

To contact the City Manager’s office, please call City Hall at 478.994.5659.

City Hall
23 E. Main Street
Forsyth, GA  31029


City Manager
Craig Mims


Assistant City Manager - City Clerk
Regina Ivie


Assistant City Clerk
Shayla Furlow