Purchasing / Inventory Department

Purchasing Department

The Purchasing and Inventory Department in the city of Forsyth plays a vital role in the efficient and responsible management of the city's resources. This department is entrusted with a diverse array of duties and responsibilities including the acquisition of goods and services and inventory control. Staff are tasked with procuring essential supplies, equipment, and services required by various city departments, ensuring that these acquisitions are made in a cost-effective and transparent manner, in compliance with all relevant regulations and policies. Additionally, the department manages the city's inventory, tracking and safeguarding assets to optimize their utilization.

For vendors seeking to provide the city with goods and/or services, the point of contact is Windell Rutherford, who can guide and facilitate the process of becoming an approved vendor.


Contact Information

Windell Rutherford
Purchasing and Inventory
220 Kimbell Street
Forsyth, GA 31029
Phone: (478) 994-7648