Community Development

Community Development

The Department of Community Development acts as a multifaceted department dedicated to enhancing the city's livability, economic prosperity, and overall well-being. Through comprehensive planning, workforce housing initiatives, economic development efforts, project management, and community engagement, we play a pivotal role in shaping the present and future of the city.

Community Planning and Zoning:

Planning and Zoning is a subcomponent of Community Development, and is responsible for creating and implementing the city's comprehensive plan and zoning regulations. The department also reviews development proposals, land use permits, and zoning changes to ensure alignment with the city's master plan.

Workforce Housing:

We actively promote the development of workforce housing within the city to address the needs of diverse income groups.

Economic Development:

Community Development supports local businesses and economic growth through various initiatives. The department works to attract new businesses, facilitate expansion, and invest in infrastructure improvements to stimulate economic development.

Grant Management:

The department actively seeks and manages grants from federal, state, and private sources to fund community development projects. We ensure compliance with grant requirements and oversee the allocation of funds for various programs and projects.

Community Engagement:

Promoting community involvement and public participation is a significant aspect of the department's work. We organize public meetings, gatherings, and outreach efforts to involve residents in decision-making processes and gather valuable input on community development projects.

Infrastructure Development:

The department collaborates with other city departments and external agencies to ensure the growth and sustainability of the city's infrastructure.

Project Management

The department oversees various projects and initiatives set forth by the mayor and council and the city manager throughout all city departments.

Long-Term Planning:

The Department of Community Development plays a crucial role in formulating and implementing the city's long-term vision. We facilitate the development of strategic plans and policies that aim to enhance the overall quality of life, economic vitality, and sustainability of Forsyth.

Cody Ellis

Community Development Director